Jessica Bowie Your Ukulele Tutor in Leeds

Jessica Bowie - Ukulele lessons, classes and courses in Leeds West Yorkshire I'm Jessica Bowie a ukulele teacher based in Leeds, West Yorkshire. When you have ukulele lessons or join one of my groups, then like many others you can find endless enjoyment and fulfilment by learning, playing and singing your favourite songs. Imagine playing for family and friends at parties! Even if you're not one for parties, you could entertain your cat by strumming away by the fire!

Learning Ukulele in West Yorkshire

Music is amazing and powerful, it can make us happy when we feel sad, it can evoke powerful emotions and memories. Many of my students have found that playing the ukulele has had positive effects on their mental wellbeing (reduced anxiety, increased happiness and social interaction) and others have seen that playing regularly improves arthritis.

Leeds Ukulele Lessons for Adults and Children

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As a passionate ukulele teacher I believe that everyone should have the opportunity to learn an instrument and it's never too late to start playing ukulele so get in touch today!