About Your Ukulele Tutor Jessica Bowie

Having played classical guitar from the age of nine I went on to play ukulele and sing professionally in bands, and later to teach ukulele. My musical education also includes saxophone, flute and piano accordion. I have Grade 5 Music Theory and Flute.

Learn Different Size Ukulele in West Yorkshire

Jessica Bowie - Ukulele lessons, classes and courses in Leeds West Yorkshire - different sizes of ukulele

I teach soprano, concert, tenor and banjo ukulele all in C tuning and baritone ukulele. I encourage and teach singing alongside ukulele (optional). This adds fun to playing songs and gives people an opportunity to develop skills for performance.

Learn Ukulele the Fun and Easy Way

Jessica Bowie - Ukulele lessons, classes and courses in Leeds West Yorkshire - Fun easy lessons My style of teaching is light-hearted, fun and engaging. I will teach you the kind of music you would like to learn and in a style which suits you. Everyone learns in different ways. If playing live is something you want to do, I will encourage and support you to achieve this and can even arrange opportunities for this.

I have a PTTLS teaching qualification (for teaching in adult education) and have previously taught for Artforms, the WEA, and the U3A.

As well as my background in teaching I also have BSc hons Applied Psychology, PGDIP Psych, HE Cert Counselling Skills and have worked in clinical settings, for example in Brain Injury Rehabilitation. I am comfortable working with and teaching ukulele and singing to people with disabilities who have additional needs.