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Intermediate Ukulele CourseIntermediate Ukulele Course

Intermediate Ukulele Online Course

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6th Jul - 14th Sep 2020 @ 20:00 to 20:55

So you can play C,F,G and D7 already and can strum down and up? Here's the course for you. 6 sessions over 12 weeks to get you playing some new chords in different keys; new strumming patterns, trying a barre chord and exploring some picking and melody playing.

Picking up exactly where the Beginners course finished, this will help to consilidate your existing playing skills and stretch you to add some more techniques to your repertoire of enjoyable songs to play and sing.

All the learning happens in the context of a selection of popular songs, singing is optional (no one else will be able to hear you)

All you need is access to the internet and a webcam, you can even use your smart phone.

We use Zoom to meet up and these sessions are small, inclusive and interactive, where there is space for you to ask questions and talk to other participants. 

Weekly Youtube videos for each song are included in the course to support your individual practice guidance. 

This course costs £5 per session however if you are in a positon where you are not able to pay please email me and we can work something out: